preupgrade from FC12 to FC14 issues?

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I've just used preupgrade to upgrade some systems in my clasroom lab that 
has XP and Fedora 12. I had earlier done a test with fedora 13, but it had 
some issues the upgrade. The upgrade from 12 to 14 seems to have handled 
the problem with the older Nvidia cards these machines have, but there are a 
few issues.

I saw the same issue with system-config-display that has been mentioned, 
and also found that vim-common and vim-enhanced where still the fc12 
version? It also left the 3 fc12 kernels and kmods nvidias for the 3. I removed 
those and then installed the fc14 versions of the vim rpms. 

The one issue that I'm have trouble with is Flash and firefox. Google chrome 
works fine, and I was able to it working with firefox after I did a number of 
things. I then tried to figure out exactly what I did, and it didn't work on 
another machine? 

Even the machine I got it working on, I then logged in with another user, and 
it didn't work for that user?

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