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On 11/05/2010 05:22 AM, bruce wrote:
> Hey guys.
> Might be a little off topic, but I'm not sure exactly how to proceed on this.
> I'm evaluating/investigating vmware, and how you create a "virtual
> machine" using the command line for fedora/centos.
> Basically, I want to be able to create a test virtual machine and then
> be able to run the VM on another system using the virtual player.
> I'm looking for pointers/articles/instructions that detail what I need
> (in terms of tools/apps) and the steps needed to accomplish this.
> I've seen a few articles/sites that discuss creating virtual machines,
> but they all involve using the GUI.
> There are different tools/apps provided to create a Virtual Machine,
> but I'm not sure which to use.
> Basically, I want to do a test, to ultimately have a Virtual
> Machine/Image that can be run on a separate server using the vmplayer
> app
> I've seen docs that discuss using the GUI to create the VM, but
> haven't found any (yet) that discuss how to accomplish this using the
> command line approach.
> So::
> If I have a system with two drives
> DriveA, DriveB
> DriveA has my regular OS,
>> From DriveA, I install an OS onto DriveB, along with any additional files I need
> DriveB is then the system that I want to use as the basis of the new
> Virtual Machine/image
> So I need to figure out how to create the VM from the cmdline.
>   (here is where I'm looking to get a feel for the actual cmds/processes to run)
> And once I create the VM, I'll deal with the issue of running the VM
> from the vmplayer/client side.
> Hope this clears things up a bit.
> Pointers/Comments would be helpful.
> Thanks

Maybe you need to install VMware VIX API (already installed with 
Workstation) and use "vmrun" command, also libvirt has support for 
VMware ESX and GSX (aka Server).

BTW, if you machine support AMD-V or Intel VT-x, go with KVM, better for 
usage with CLI and GUI through libvirt/virsh and virt-manager, and all 
tools are Opensource and included in Fedora / RHEL / CentOS.


Athmane Madjoudj
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