Fonts group in anaconda?

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Right now "Fonts" is in the group "Base System", then there
are close to 300 individual font items listed in "Fonts".
There are also some other random fonts scattered around
in legacy fonts entries or grouped with X11 stuff.

Does anyone think "Fonts" deserves to be its own top
level package group, with sub groups for things like
"Latin fonts", "Cyrillic fonts", "Symbol fonts",

Sure seems like it would be simpler to find and install
the fonts you might actually use that way. It is quite
time consuming at the moment to hunt & peck through the
big list of individual font entries and exclude the ones
I can't read even if I have them installed (mainly
to avoid having to constantly download updates for fonts
I can't read anyway :-). It also helps keep the lists
of available fonts in font selector dialogs down to
a manageable level.
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