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ma, 2010-11-01 kello 01:54 +1030, Tim kirjoitti:
> Well, the error message said "temporary" failure, with a "deferred"
> status of the queue.  Once the problem goes away, it can retry.  Or may
> just keep retrying, anyway.
> The obvious question occurs:  Had you restarted the mailserver during
> these tests?  You usually have to restart servers when you make
> configuration changes, and sometimes when networks go up and down.

Of course I did. And after changing to I did make in mail
directory before restarting the service.
> I still don't get an answer if I try a reverse lookup on the IP.
> Perhaps other servers can do it (i.e. the record's there, but hasn't
> appeared in the servers that I'm querying).

The strange thing is that me too can't get an answer to reverse name
Anyway, while it works I'll apply that old good method: if it works
don't fix it!
Thanks again.
Well thaaaaaaat's okay.

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