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On Sunday, October 31, 2010 19:04:04 Manuel Escudero wrote:
> Steren is a Mexican brand that provides electronic devices at low cost
> for many propouses... By using my virtualized Windows Machine I dicovered
> that this webcam is called a "ZSMC USB PC Camera" and it's driver is called
> "ZS0211" But obviously I can't tell if it works in Windows after installing
> the driver
> or not because I don't have a REAL Windows Machine and because linux does
> not
> recognize it Virtualbox it's unable to recognize it as well...


1) you have Oracle's closed-source version of VirtualBox (not the OSE version 
provided by standard Fedora repos)

2) your VirtualBox is configured correctly and you can verify that it supports 
USB devices

3) you have installed the webcam driver under Windows virtual machine

then the webcam *should* work under the Windows VM, regardless of any support 
from the Linux host. The signal from the webcam should just be passed-through 
to vm, without interference from the host OS. Can you verify this first?

Also, can you find some friend with a "real" Windows system and verify that the 
webcam is working there? You don't want to chase faulty hardware...

HTH, :-)

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