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Thank for the email.
After I update a fedora 10 to fedora 11, I get:
You did not really provide explicit details about what steps you took
to achieve the upgrade from f10 to f11 - however it would be a really
good idea to read the following (if you have not already looked at the

It would probably help others who are trying to understand how to help
you, if you said which explicit set of steps you took to do the
upgrade from 10 to 11 - it is not always trivial, and you need to make
sure that this is fully cleaned up after the upgrade before any
attempt to move from 11 to 12, and again to clean up fully before
making any attempt to move from 12 to 13.
I updated form the dvd, to avoid any network problem
Of course fedora 10 was uptodated.

Every thing was fine.
1) anaconda did not touch the MBR (I set to option to modify the MBR), so I did it manually from the previous version of fedora (grub-install)
2) The updated system did not reboot, because:

    File "/usr/sbin/yum-updatesd" . line 41. in <module>
      from yum.config import BaseConfig. Option, IntOption, ListOpt

so I installed the last fc11 version of yum, yum-utils, yum-updatesd from
the previous version of fedora (rpm --dbpath /mnt/linux/var/lib/rpm)
It did not solve any thing
3) I was not unable to enter in interactive mode (and do not run yum-update service) 4) Trying again several times, by pressing "I", it finally by passed the previous error, I logged normally in text mode. Then startx froze and I had to switch off the PC
Any way there is still an issue with PAE.
my /proc/cpuinfo says:
flags : fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss ht tm pbe up pebs bts cid xtpr
which seems to indicate that the version -PAE should be installed and it
was not been done by anaconda.

Finally, according to the web site I should be able to upgrade directly
from 11 to 13. Is it really recommanded ?

Why I do not start from crash ? Because it required one week before my last installation of fedora 13 was properly operating !
In my view such a triple jump will take more time than doing a clean
install of f13 and then setting configs for the new system and pulling
in user areas from the older system.

Also be aware that there have been many improvements to selinux
between f10 and f13 and you may well need to check labelling,
especially for files you may have installed yourself in the old

Good luck.

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