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ke, 2010-10-27 kello 22:20 +1030, Tim kirjoitti:
> When I tried to get my modem/router to email its logs to a computer in
> my LAN, and went through similar problems.  The router would try to use
> the DNS servers it knew about (the ones the ISP sets up through DHCP),
> and obviously they couldn't resolve my LAN addresses.  But, I gather
> from your first message that your router is a computer, not a device, so
> your problem ought to be different.
> I think you want to check that each computer in the equation can resolve
> its own name, and the other computer's.  Avoid using "localhost" as part
> of the mail addresses.

How to check it?
> On my LAN, I have a DNS server that all the computers use, and it has
> all the local machine names in its records.  It solved a lot of name
> issues, and freed me from ever having to mess around with hosts files,
> again.
If it's possible I would like not to create my own DNS server. Looking
for simple way to solve my problem.

> The [bracketing] the IP address after the @ sign ought to work, to use
> an IP address without name lookups, but I don't know if everything does
> that trick.

In my case it seemingly doesn't work.
> Where are you seeing the error messages?  The SMTP server logs from
> where you're trying to send from, trying to receive at, or something
> else?

in /var/log/maillog on F12 computer (the router).
> Later on you mention a "user unknown" error.  Are you accidentally
> trying to send mail out using your ISP's SMTP server?
I saw it when I was trying to send message to <user>@[]. If
I send mail to <user>@ there's no such error in mailog but
message is returned by MAILER-DAEMON to root.
Thanks for your help, Tim!
I stick my neck out for nobody.
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