Re: F13: Problem with Gparted?

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 On 10/18/2010 01:58 PM, Dan Thurman wrote:
> I used gparted on F13 to create an extended partition with
> various logical partitions installed and from the F13 gparted
> gui, there was no gaps.
> But when I rebooted and logged into my F9 system, I started
> gparted and I am showing 1MB unallocated space for every
> logical partition that I created.
> Now I cannot tell which F9/F13 gparted app is telling the truth.
> Any ideas?
F13 Gparted apparently leaves a 1MB unallocated
space before the newly created logical partition.
It wasn't until I had gone back to check it afterwards.

You may notice that when using the move slider
completely to the left, 1MB unallocated space appears
in the 'Free Space Preceding' textbox.  Apparently, you
cannot set this value to 0 with the move slider or by
entering it manually, it does not work.

Is this an F13 gparted bug?

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