Re: How to change console font in grub2?

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On Wed, 13 Oct 2010 01:41:39 -0400
Tom H <[email protected]> wrote:


> Fedora's generally at the cutting edge of just about every package so
> I don't understand its attitude towards grub2. It's been Ubuntu's
> default for a year and it'll be Debian's default for its next stable
> release (early next year?!) so it's not a question of reliability,
> stability, or usability. F15?

No one has stepped up to drive it I think is the main reason. 

We know that it will require: 

* Tons of testing, including corner cases we patched grub1 for that we
  need to make sure keep working. 

* Patches to anaconda to allow it to write up and manipulate the new
  grub.cnf style config. This would be things like setting up other
  oses on install, etc. 

* Patches to the kernel to make sure it can update grub2's config on
  kernel updates or removals. 

* Possibly dracut changes to make sure things work. 

* Probibly 20 more things that don't come to mind on first glance. 

So, I think it just needs some dedicated people who are willing to code
patches and test and coordinate it landing. ;) 


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