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On 10/7/2010 10:09 AM, Bob Goodwin wrote:
>> Please tell us that you did not just blindly click on a link in an email
>> with a blank Subject: line?  :-)
>> - -- 
>>    David
>     What can I enter in Thunderbird filters to have it automatically
>     delete messages with no subject? My attempts so far have deleted all
>     the Fedora messages with "Subject: Re:" even though there was text
>     after the colon! Leaving it blank has no effect.

Good question.

Disclaimer goes Here.  This seems to work but I have *not* tried this
extensively. Yet.  :-)

Every blank subject email that I have seen is not really blank but it
actually has a <space> in the Subject: line and the reply to that email
has an Re:<space> in it's Subject: line. I can *not* say that is always
the case but all that I have looked at are that way.

Perhaps a filter that looks for a Subject: line  that contains both of
these (two lines in the filter) would work and not catch the legitimate
replies to legitimate posts?

Screen capture here for example:

The first line contains a <space> only and the second line contain a

The 'Actions' line could also be used to filter to a folder to 'be
looked at later' or to just delete the emails. Your choice. The filter
would have to be at, or near, the top of your filters list or at least
above the the filters for the mailing lists that you want to check.

But remember that not all blank Subject: emails are spam. Sometimes a
Newbie posts like that and it is a legitimate question or problem. As
well as the replies.


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