Re: what could "use up" X forwarding connections?

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On Sun, 03 Oct 2010 17:11:20 -0700
JD wrote:

> Hi Tom,
> When the failure happens, in addition to checking the
> /tmp/.X11-unix
> socket, have you looked at memory?
> top should tell you how much is available and how much is
> used and by whom. If the socket is still there, and vnc fails
> due to lack of a resource, it might be memory.
> Many apps leak memory, and perhaps vnc is no exception.

Nah, there is a ton of memory, and VNC itself is working fine.
If I run xhost + in the VNC session, I can connect to the
VNC server just fine using hostname:1 as the DISPLAY. It is
only ssh -X forwarding that stops working.

Running strace on an X client shows that it even thinks it
can open the X connection, but the first read it does always
appears to get an EOF and it errors off with connection closed.
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