Re: password change does not work: LDAP, sssd, nss or pam error?

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On Sun, 2010-10-10 at 21:59 +0200, Volker Potworowski wrote:
> > > Is there another option I should enable?
> > 
> > No, in sssd.conf all you need for enabling password changes is to have
> > chpass_provider=ldap and the ldap_uri set correctly.
> > 
> > As seen in other replies to this thread, the problem is due to the ACIs
> > on your OpenLDAP server. The client is configured properly already.
> Thanks!
> It may be a problem on the ACLs of the server side. But all suggestions still 
> brought no success. :-(
you can eliminate the possibility of the ACL's being the problem simply
by changing your ACL's temporarily to 

access to * by * write

Gordon is correct about a user being able to change the UID but you can
easily catch that with an ACL further up.

I think your URI is wrong... (sssd.conf)

ldap_uri = ldap://
should be
ldap_uri = ldap://

Sorry I did not get a chance to test out F13 with OpenLDAP server on my
main server because I was not feeling all that well this weekend.


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