Re: My HaSee( a relatively small manufacture in China ) Laptop cannot not poweroff when I shut down my system even if using halt -p or poweroff -p command

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On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 9:51 PM, Zhanhui Li <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hey, everyone
>        I run into a problem as described in the subject. Here is the basic
> information of my system.
>  Hardware: InsydeH20 mainboard Intel core 2 CPU.
> OS: Fedora 13
> problem description:
> Every time I shutdown my system, the system indeed goes down and there is no
> failed warning. in the last line of the log is "sending signal to every ..."
> last line " power off" then the system freezes with power on.

If the power manager doesn't recognize your power management hardware,
that's pretty much the correct behavior. And then you have to manually
shut it down.

Of course, shutting a laptop down can manually can be kind of a
daunting task. Try holding the power switch down for around five

> I google and find someone allege it may be due to the motherboard InsydeH20,
> but their solution does not work for me despite I do whatever as they asked.

Check Fedora's Bugzilla, to see if it's a known issue, and if you
don't see a bug for it there, file one?
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