Re: ... why top-posting should be avoided... (was Re: Broken mail readers (was Re: Properly wiping a hard drive ?))

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  On 10/10/2010 02:40 PM, Petrus de Calguarium wrote:
> Threading mail is very convenient, this is true, but this particular posting
> is a prime example of the disadvantage of bottom-posting. One has to scroll
> and scroll and scroll all the way to the very, very bottom before one can
> read what was just written. (I am reading this in knode, a dedicated news
> reader. Perhaps your system will display this differently, but I see post
> after post prefixed with>>>  and no threading.)

Well, not exactly. Thunderbird can be configured to, for
example, quote a message inline and then append at
the bottom of the message. So, the cursor is automagically
at the bottom of the quoted message where the responder
can start typing right away.
Don't know if all emai clients can do this.

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