Re: Scottrade streaming quotes errors on latest fc13

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On 27 September 2010 00:35, T.D. Telford <[email protected]> wrote:
> Scottrade streaming stock quotes is initiated from firefox, and uses a Java applet.
> fc10 is fine and the fc13 dvd install, with no updates is good, but the latest fc13 changes (as of today) show the major index quotes are missing and there is a big blank area at the top of the display.
> Since I manage my stocks with this program, I will not be able to use fc13 until it is fixed.

What I found out is that the IcedTea Firefox plugin is not that great,
so I installed the Sun Java plugin.

As an example, the site below shows a moving chart with Euro-Dollar
rate in real time. It displays well with Sun Java but not IcedTea (you
still see data in IcedTea, but is static):
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