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On 09/04/2010 05:21 AM, JD wrote:
>   I have two mounted disks,  both ext3 mounted
> as
> /sdb1
> /sdc1
> On /sdb1 I have a directory, let's call it dirx.
> 1. rm -rf /sdc1/dirx
> 2. cd /sdb1
> 3. tar cf - dirx | tar -C /sdc1 -xpf -
> Neither dir (/sdb1 and /sdc1) are not accessed by any programs other
> than the tar program (and of course /sdb1 is the shell's CWD).
> The shell's history file is in my home dir.
> After tar:
> 4. du -sk dirx  /sdc1/dirx
> 2904536    /sdc1/dirx
> 2802124    dirx
> So, why this size inflation by 104MiB ?

What is the filesystem block size on both file systems ?

If the /sdc1 is ext2/3/4 with a block size of 4kb ( tune2fs -l will verify
this), and if the source filesystem has a 1kb block size, then each file on the
target filesystem may have an extra 1 to 3kb allocation of "usage".

Just a thought.

- -Greg

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Please also check the log file at "/dev/null" for additional information.
                (from /var/log/Xorg.setup.log)

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