Fedora 13 Evolution and exchange

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I was running Ubuntu 9.10 and using evolution with a microsoft exchange
server and it was working Ok with mail and calendar and GAL.

For unrelated reasons I switched to Fedora Core 13, but brought the same
home directory for this user into the Fedora Core 13. Mail seems to be
working OK, but the calendar and GAL don't seem to work right.

The evolution-dataserver and evolution-exchange crash regularly even
though mail still seems to go back and forth. I am not sure what the
service is called but the red "police light" icon pops up on the top
panel and has a crash dump output of some sort. I have not submitted any
of those crash dumps.

I have installed:

evolution-2.30.3-1.fc13 (x86_64)
evolution-data-server-2.30.3-1fc13 (x86_64)

Is this a known issue that has a known problem ?

Is it possible that the previous version of Ubuntu had some file
format's that are confusing Fedora Core 13 version ?

Any hints or suggestions appreciated.

Chris kottaridis

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