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All probably true, but I dread the day they decide to make SELinux mandatory, and take away the ability to disable it (in the name of security).
On 08/29/2010 01:44 PM, mike cloaked wrote:

With many selinux issues with a bit of effort and help from a few
experts the issues can often be resolved - I have been running all my
systems with selinux enforcing since F9 - and the additional
protection is worth it.  There are a few things from outside Fedora
(like Crossover) that will only work in f13 with one selinux setting
downgrading security but other than that I have no problem with any of
the systems. The other thing that is worthwhile it actually reading
the selinux guide and understanding how it ticks. That way you can
often work around problems yourself with a bit of probing of the files
and processes involved in an AVC denial.

There are some real experts around on this list and they are often
ready to make suggestions from their significant knowledge base that
is worthwhile listening to and by responding and working with them
then more often than not the issues can be resolved.

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