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  On 08/19/2010 07:45 PM, jarmo wrote:
> Konstantin Svist kirjoitti torstai, 19. elokuuta 2010 22:58:24:
>> And it's not really all that much hassle -- and you get a fully
> working
>> RPM which you can manage with rpm/yum/etc.
> Ok, understand, but what is kernel-PAE-
> devel- for ?
> Jarmo

kernel should be obvious
PAE stands for Physical Address Extension -- it's a trick to allow x86 
architectures access >4GB. If you have x64 capable hardware, x86_64 
version is recommended.
devel means it's a development package - it has all necessary sources to 
build the package is the mainline kernel version
147.2.4 is the fedora/redhat version of the package (built with all 
patches, etc.)
fc13 means it's a package for Fedora 13.
and, finally, i686 is the hardware architecture this package is meant for


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