Re: Is swap really needed when RAM's aplenty

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So the morel of the story is ( as per my understanding .... forgive me 
if I miss understood. ),The regular day-to-day working desktop OS 
doesn't need the swap space (especially  if it is having more then or 
equal 4GB RAM ) , Mission Critical Server must have swap space 
even-though it is having 32GB RAM . which are running large database or 
something like that

isn't it ????


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On Thursday 19 August 2010 05:23 AM, Gregory Hosler wrote:
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> On 08/18/2010 07:00 PM, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
>> I'll probably have a new server with 16 gigs of RAM on the way, soon.
>> With this amount of RAM being sufficient, do I really need a swap partition set
>> up? I do understand that a swap partition is needed for hibernation, but this
>> server does not need to hibernate.

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