Re: What does the DVD media check if installing a new Fedora version? / Proposal

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On 08/13/10 10:32, Joachim Backes wrote:
> Hi,
> having the following question: What does the DVD/CD media check exactly
> if booting a Fedora DVD/CD? Is it the sha256sum? If yes, why this media
> check, because it could be done after having burned the DVD?
> If not, is it possible to perform this media check immediately after
> having burned the DVD (means: can I start the media check from that
> freshly burned DVD?)
> Proposal: If not, it would be nice if the media checker would be placed
> on the DVD for running in normal mode after the DVD has burned - perhaps
> allowing to check both an i386 and x86_64 install DVD.
> Kind regards


Thanks to all who answered to my question: I think, checkisomd5 will be
the right tool for me (I have only 1 DVD device, so DVD-burner and
DVD-reader are the same).

Kind regards

Joachim Backes <[email protected]>

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