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On Sun August 1 2010, Tom H wrote:
> As a concrete example, Debian (and therefore Ubuntu), in its default
> set up, mounts / on sda1 and swap on sda5 (with sda2 as an extended
> partition) so having sda3 rather than sda4 as an extended partition
> isn't a problem.
> The sda7/sda8 situation is strange but I have seen it before and don't
> think that it is a problem. I would want to change it because I would
> rather have an fdisk output that looks more "normal"/"logical" but it
> wouldn't be a technical decision.
> The problem might be that there is no free space but the installed
> must have some kind of warning for that (surely!).

well, after playing around with gparted, I think I'm at a loss..
gparted in ubuntu shows my NTFS, extended, and linux partitions.
Boot Fedora Live CD, install gparted, run gparted. shows 96.71 MB unallocated 
space, no partitions, nada..

Paul Cartwright
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