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Patrick O'Callaghan wrote, at 07/21/2010 11:31 PM +9:00:
> I did a "yum upgrade" and was offered:
> qbittorrent                             x86_64                 1:2.2.8-2.fc13
> even though I currently have:
> $ rpm -q qbittorrent
> qbittorrent-2.2.9-1.fc13.x86_64
> (Note the version numbers)
> I said 'N' because it seems at least counter-intuitive. Is there any way
> to check that the proposed upgrade really supersedes the installed
> version, or should I complain to the qbt maintainer?
> poc

You can see the new qbittorrent has *1:*2.2.8-2.fc13 EVR (Epoch-Version-Release).
The part "1:" is rpm's "Epoch" which has higher priority than Version, so
rpm regards that "1:2.2.8" is higher than "2.2.9".

Usually Epoch is introduced when the maintainer wants to intentionally
downgrade version like this (because it was found that higher version had
some issue or so), or when the upstream uses some strange versioning

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