F12: gdm, avahi-daemon, HAL, & ntpd fails

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Daniel B. Thurman <dant <at> cdkkt.com> writes:

> Geez...  everything was working find when I installed F12 but
> perhaps the latest update blew everything out of the water!
> My gdm fails to bring up X11 and falls out.
> I am however able to get into F2 and log in as root.
> Also, I noticed during boot up, the following also fails
> to start:
> avahi daemon
> HAL  daemon
> ntp    daemon
> I then proceeded to update once more and there is nothing
> more to update.
> So, what do I need to do at this point to recover gdm?
> Thanks-
> Dan
Become a root user as you said you do.

Take a look at /etc/inittab and familiarize yourself for a minute.
Basically, we want to change the way how you get into your system after
booting it.
We drop gdm and do it thru non-gui login.

Now, edit the file below and just copy the last line to the next line,
comment out the old one, and change the new line to id:3 as you see it.
Note: be careful not to add any extra line beyond the id:3... line .
      It is a known quirk about how that config file is parsed !

  # vi /etc/inittab
#*jb* id:5:initdefault:

File the changes and reboot your system with 
  # reboot

When you get your text login screen, login as a regular user and do
  $ startx
This should bring up your X with e.g. Gnome desktop.

Go to menu
  System - Administration - Services
and deactivate offending services for the time beeing, i.e. avahi, ntp,
BUT NOT haldaemon (this one must be be active: click Customize button to make
sure that it is checked off on level 3,4,5; after that make sure that it is
Enabled (also a button), and click Start button).

Once you do that resboot your machine again (System - Shutdown - Restart).

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