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On 07/11/2010 09:45 PM, anees a a wrote:
> not able to view or copy from original vcd and dvd of films
> following errors shown for default movie player

I also just came across this this past saturday, and did some regression testing
on F-12 yesterday.

Unfortunately, I have been doing the testing, and regression testing on
2 installations of F-12/F-13 on my laptop, and my battery charger died
in the middle of my testing yesterday afternoon.

There are definitely some issues w/ both dvd's and vcd's on F-13. I need
to replace my battery charger, and then continue my regression testing to
give an accurate detail of what doesn't work. From memory: dvd's on F-13
cannot open the audio device, vcd's on F-12 cannot decode the vob file. I was
also in the midst of noticing that 1) there were SOME dvd's that were ok (I have
a privately pressed dvd that played just fine), 2) SOME vcd's that were also ok,
3) most commercial dvd's/vcd's had issue.

Once I get my laptop charger replaced, and/or continue testing on another
laptop/computer, I'll gather more data points. I looked at bugzilla, and so far
have not seen any reports of this problem. Once I collect enough data to detail
the problem, a bz will be entered.

- -Greg

> could not read from resource
> no uri handler implemented for vcd
> and for vlc following error shown
> file reading failed

yeah, that's pretty much what I was seeing... At first I thought it was media.
The vcd's I have a my kid's collection, and they tend to be dirty/scratchy, but
upon further testing, I came to the conclusion that it is NOT a media issue.
There is a bug some place...

- -G

> pls suggest solutions

- -- 

Please also check the log file at "/dev/null" for additional information.
                (from /var/log/Xorg.setup.log)

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