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On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 3:01 PM, Konstantin Svist <[email protected]> wrote:

Don't run Gnome/KDE desktops - they're memory hogs. Instead, try XFCE - it's much lighter and faster (fewer features, though).

Just shows how much the world of Linux has changed that it took so long for that advice to appear.  "Run a lightweight desktop" used to be (as I remember it) almost the first response to a complaint about overloaded hardware.

It's interesting that Linux has followed in the path of Wintel, almost forcing hardware upgrades with new OS releases.  Just as in the "old" days, though, relief is almost always available for Linux users without taking drastic measures, unless you are just totally in love with all the gadgetry of Gnome/KDE, in which case you have to fall out of love with your old hardware.


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