Re: problem booting windows on a flash stick via qemu

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On 21/06/10 14:30, JD wrote:
>    I have a 16GB flash stick which I boot up via
> VirtualBox without any problems. But when
> I try to boot it with qemu:
> qemu -hda /dev/sdd -m 256 -vga std
> I get the blue screen of death.
> $ rpm -q qemu
> qemu-0.12.3-8.fc13.i686
I am of course just guessing:
While windows users don't usually get involved in this, ms do install 
one of a small number of kernels to suit the "hardware" they are 
installed on.

To test you might like to install a fresh copy using qemu, just to make 
sure it can work, and then take a look at any difference in the kernel 
used by each install.

I believe some have solved it by copying the win hardware profile while 
running on the original vm, then boot that up, and delete all hardware, 
and then shut it down.

On new host, select the "empty hardware profile"; win might invoke the 
new hardware wizard to get it all going.

(The other one I've come across in going from vmware to qemu/virt host 
is no support for split hard disk images.)
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