Re: Installing Citrix Presentation Server / OpenMotif on Fedora13

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On 06/19/2010 09:28 AM, Kevin Ballard wrote:
> I have installed Citrix Linux client version 11.100 which apparently
> requires OpenMotif v.2.3.1.  However, I cannot find OpenMotif v.2.3.1
> for Fedora  I found it for an older version of
> Fedora but it didn't work.
> I am relatively new to Linux so any advice would be appreciated.  Thank you.
> Kevin Ballard

Have you tried downloading the source RPM and rebuilding it for Fedora 13?

then as root run "rpmbuild --rebuild openmotif-2.3.1-2.el5_4.1.src.rpm"
and install the binary rpm it creates.


-John ([email protected])
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