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On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 11:00 AM, Rex Dieter <[email protected]> wrote:
Marcel Rieux wrote:

> I use Klipper in Gnome. When I do a search in Klipper, the search box
> doesn't disappear and hides the first entry until the computer is
> rebooted. I found no instructions anywhere on how to close it. Is there a
> default way to close boxes?

Confirmed (in kde too), smells like a bug to me.  Mind filing one?

Me, it's in GNOME, so if the bug is in KDE too, maybe it would be better if you filled the bug? You might have more experience than me for filling bugs?

Also, I don't really like to add this, but it's a fact that the community will have to deal with: I'm mighty sick. Today, I saw a lung specialist, an internist and an endocrinologist. This is exceptional, but I see about 3 doctors a month. I take lots of medication. I sleep about 6 hours in a 12 hour night. Just bending makes me dizzy. And I have to write a summary of the evolution of my health problems in the last ten years for all my doctors who have changed along the years and who do not always keep seriously in touch.

So. if somebody could fill the bug report, I would appreciate. It's not an activity I'll ever get really good at, I afraid.

P.s.: Maybe you can wait for Ed Gresko to confirm if he really doesn't have a problem.
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