Re: yum-complete-transaction wants to remove 159 packages

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On 06/12/2010 09:37 AM, Mike Williams wrote:
> Hi there.  On a system that recently had a fresh install of f13 I got
> the following message from yum:
> "There are unfinished transactions remaining. You might consider
> running yum-complete-transaction first to finish them."
> When I ran yum-complete-transactions another message appeared:
> "There are 1 outstanding transactions to complete. Finishing the most recent one
> The remaining transaction had 228 elements left to run"
> Then after a very long list of packages it wants to remove including:
> bash, yum-utils, and xorg-x11-drv-nouveau it says:
> Remove      159 Package(s)
> This sure seems like it will kill the system.

I did that yesterday and killed my system. I was able to recover after
some hacks with live cd, chroot and yum reinstall -- but definitely
wouldn't recommend to anyone with a weak heart.

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