Omega boot time on an old EeePC

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	My install of the new and otherwise excellent Omega, in its 
present new release as well as in the previous release, has one sad 
problem. It takes too long to boot -- like ten or twenty minutes with the 
camera card in place, and two to four without.

	The machine is an ASUS EeePC 701, for which I have an 8 GB camera 
card -- and, much to my surprise and incomprehension, those times -- two 
to four minutes *without* card, and twelve to fifteen *with* -- are no 
typo. Booting really is an order of magnitude faster without the card.

	Is the machine already a museum piece -- id est, just too old a/o 
too small?

	Have I put too much stuff on it? (I did first use the package-kit 
to remove everything I could find that I don't expect to use, or not on 
the EeePC -- including such things as OpenOffice, which I'll run on a 
laptop or preferably a PC if/when I run it at all.)

	"df -h" shows 3.1 of 3.5 GB used, with 443 MB available; baobab 
shows 3.1 of 3.7 GB used and 604.7 MB available. Oddly, the real bulge 
according to baobab (*if* I understand that correctly) is *not* in /home/
btth (643.6 MB), but in /usr (1.6 GB; mostly in /usr/share/locale)

	Is the problem something I'm doing or have done that I shouldn't?

	The EeePC's main raison d'etre for me, as for many others unless 
I miss my guess, is to be at hand whenever I find myself in a waiting 
room with wifi -- in which case a quick start makes all the difference.

	Anybody got a clue, or a suggestion?

Beartooth Staffwright, Neo-Redneck Not Quite Clueless Power User
I have precious (very precious!) little idea where up is.

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