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Hello fedora user list :)
I'm glad to have joined this community occasionally in the past year
(since F11 has been released). I really think this is a healthy
community :). Now, with F13, I decided to make the big step from
Kubuntu to Fedora-KDE.
So, today I realized that I have subscribed a couple of fedora
mailing-list about a year ago... but not this one... so... here I am

So far I have only spotted one problem that I haven't been able to fix, yet.
My laptop (a DELL Inspiron 540) has a video card i945 embedded in it.
When I try with my sister's external monitor (that Kubuntu 10.04 was
able to use up to 1280x1024) I can only use it at a maximum of
1024x768. I guess it is a driver problem, but I have no clue about how
to fix it. Is there anyone who has solved this problem and/or knows
how to do that?

Thank you,
Fabio Alessandro Locati

Home: Segrate, Milan, Italy (GMT +1)
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