Re: K3b won't accept converted Wav files from MP3

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On 05/27/2010 12:57 PM, Jim wrote:
> FC12-x86_64
> Used Sound Converter to convert MP3 audio files to WAV files , but K3b ,
> make Audio CD, won't accept converted WAV files for Burning. The audio
> files were orignally wav files before they were converted to MP3s.
> This kind of looks like a Microsoft DRM thing that K3B is doing.
Once a mp3 is made from a wav file it looses so much quality so making 
the wav file from mp3 will give a tinny not full sound.

Stick with a iso or flac, ape file

I use sound convertor for conversion and Brasero for Burning the CD

Nero for linux is also a very good one.
It even has Flac now
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