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On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 03:02:25 -0400,
  Gene Heskett <[email protected]> wrote:
> Then I guess I am a rude person Bruno.  I am not a developer, I'm 50 years 
> too late for that, I wrote my ground breaking SW 15 to 30+ years ago.

There are lots of things you can do on Fedora without being a developer.

> When the site is a secret from the users till it goes public, then obviously 
> they are not going to get any feedback from the users until that site goes 
> public.

My impression is that the primary target of the site is new users looking
to try out Fedora, rather than current users who know their way around

> What you are now finding out, is that the _users_ are not happy campers.

A few people on the users list are unhappy. And perhaps a better compromise
could have been made on the web site. But the users list isn't really
the best place to complain about it if you really want a change to occur.

> Yes, we've now spent entirely too much video ink lambasting the site, no 
> argument there.  But I have to assume that site was composed for those with 
> very poor eyesight, all the headlines are at least 3x the font size needed 
> for these diabetic, failing eyes, (does the rest of the world have even 
> poorer eyesight than what I have left at my age?  I think not on average) and 
> with that corrected, there would be room for quite a few links to the 
> torrents page.  IMO that whole argument about no space is pointless, the 
> space is there, but poorly used.

I am not an expert in interface design. (I mostly just want things to work
without having to turn on javascript.) So I am not in a good position to
evaluate the specific design choices that were made.

Even if in the end people decide that the design really didn't accomplish
what was intended, people shouldn't be lamblasted for trying something.
Part of Fedora is trying out new things. If they don't work out, we make

Probably there is detailed information about why the design choices were made
buried some place on the design team list. It doesn't sound like you want to
spend the time to go digging through archives looking for them. (Which I think
is a pretty reasonable choice.) So I would suggest trusting the UI expert's
brief explanation of what they were trying to accomplish and that the plan
wasn't totally off the wall. Just provide feedback of what gave you problems
and possibly suggestions for improving things.
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