Re: Warning during installation of ns-2.34 on fedora-11

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On 05/10/2010 11:54 PM, g wrote:
> i was filtering out *base 64* posters, but there are several of them
> who do appear to be rather versed in their knowledge. tho i do wish
> they would show more of their knowledge by posting *text/plain*.
A few things....

I don't think you meant "posting in text/plain" since that doesn't have
any direct influence on the type of Content-Transfer-Encoding used.  An
example of this would be sending an email containing Chinese characters
from a gmail account.  The message will be "text/plain".  But the type
of CTE used will depend on the % of Chinese characters and probably
other factors.  But, it will be either base64 or quoted-printable.

Also, many end users won't have control over the CTE being used.  The
gmail example fits that.  I also have seen servers here in Asia set up
to always send in base64.  For example, one company that I do business
with here in Taiwan uses very old servers and software for their email
which dates to when many (even older) MTAs were not 8-bit clean.  So, to
ensure there emails could be read at the other end...everything is
base64 encoded even if the entire message is in ASCII.

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