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On 05/07/2010 11:08 PM, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> I occasionally need to convert Matroska videos to a format my
> stand-alone player (an LG DVD unit) can play. I don't need to author
> DVDs since the player can read from a pendrive via a USB port, but it's
> fairly limited in the formats it will accept. Xvid seems to work well so
> it's what I tend to use.
> The MKV files are for standard NTSC or PAL broadcast TV (not even HD in
> most cases, though they could be). I've so far been unsuccessful in
> hitting reasonable combination of options for producing a useful result.
> I've tried ffmpeg, transcode and mencode, but the resulting videos tend
> to have have noticeable blocking artefacts (despite playing with
> bitrates) and severe sound synch problems. Here's a random example of
> the kind of thing I've been trying:
> mencoder example.mkv -oac mp3lame -ovc xvid -xvidencopts bitrate=1000:profile=dxnhtntsc:quant_type=mpeg -vf scale=720:480 -o output.avi
> I've also messed a little with the mkv* tools, but they appear to assume
> a familiarity with Matroska terminology which I would prefer not to have
> to acquire.
> <rant>
> Part of the problem is that all the above tools are clearly aimed at
> people who know what they're doing. Those of us uninterested in a career
> in multimedia technology are liable to be completely lost when
> struggling with any of the (incomplete and ambiguous) manuals, not to
> mention the baroque syntax of the command-line options. Why are there no
> "multimedia conversion for dummies" tools in Linux as there are in
> Windoze?
> </rant>
> Anyway, my question is this: does anyone have a useful recipe for this
> kind of thing?
> And for extra credit: how about converting FLV (Flash video)?
> poc
I use Avidemux.
It handles everything quite well

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