Re: ntfs problem, no such file or directory.

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On Friday May 7 2010 18:11:54 Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> On Fri, 2010-05-07 at 17:54 +0300, Dj YB wrote:
> > > Another possible way in the command line is to key on a pattern:
> > > 'rm *Episode*.avi' or possibly 'rm *24*.avi'
> > 
> > [[email protected] 5]# rm *.*
> > rm: remove regular file `24 Season 5 Episode 03.avi'? y
> > rm: cannot remove `24 Season 5 Episode 03.avi': No such file or
> > directory
> Before going any farther, I would fsck the filesystem. This will mean
> unmounting it so you may need to go to single user mode, or boot a
> rescue disk.
> poc

this is not my root file system but NTFS partition.

I couldn't find fsck to ntfs
how do I do that?
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