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On 07May2010 13:05, Andrew Junev <[email protected]> wrote:
|  I was moving my filesystem to a new disk with 'cp -ax' command (as
|  root). It completed with no error messages, but I can see some
|  difference between the old and the new filesystems when using df:
| # df
| Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
| /dev/mapper/vg_mythbackend-wd20eads
|                      1922859824 1791862788  33321364  99% /newdisk
| /dev/mapper/VolTerabytes00-Data00
|                      1922868016 1793705984  51021168  98% /olddisk
| My new filesystem uses ext4, while old one was using ext3 - can that
| be somehow related?. I fact, I don't see how it can affect the used
| space reported, since block size is 4K for both...

Fragmentation? Sparse files being filled out?

| Is there an easy way to check which files are there on the old
| filesystem, that do not exist on the new one?

I'd use rsync:

  rsync -vn -aH /olddisk/ /newdisk/

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