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On Mon, May 3, 2010 at 1:40 PM, Hugh Caley <[email protected]> wrote:
LVM can be very handy for desktops.  If you run out of space on / (or any other mount that uses LVM) you can attach another disk, add it to LVM, and expand the filesystem with resize2fs.  Easy and quick.

Before I bought my present computer about 1 year ago,  I had 2 8GB drives given by a friend and... I used only one. All / was on a 4GB partition and I didn't run out of space. Now, that I have a 19GB root partition on a 680 GB drive -- nowadays you get 1TB for less than $100! -- , I install this and that on every whim and

/dev/sdaX              19G  7.7G   11G  43% /

So, I'd rather not bother with fancy stuff like LVM.
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