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On 04/22/2010 08:44 AM, Linuxguy123 wrote:
> I've been using Evolution as my only email client since 2002.
> I agree that it has a number of shortcomings.
> Its been an up and down road for sure but one thing that I can say is
> that I have not lost a single email in the 8 years I have been using
> it.
> I think this relates to the fact that Evo using plain text files to
> store emails.  Prior to Evo, Outlook used to lose my emails and crash on
> a regular basis.
> I really wish that someone would inject some life into Evo.  I've been
> looking at a gray Evo screen for 8 years.  How about a little color ?
I keep all my mail on servers, so I guess I really haven't given 
evolution a chance to lose it.

One thing I have seen it do, however, is get its caches confused and 
refuse to show new mail. This happened just this last week where mail 
that was delivered to my mailbox last Friday morning didn't show up in 
the reader until Tuesday afternoon. The logs show it was delivered to 
the mailbox, but for some reason evolution wouldn't show it despite 
showing all sorts of other new mail that arrived over the weekend. I've 
hit this a number of times, and the work around was to delete all the 
disk caches and let them rebuild. Of course, you have to realize that 
some emails are not being shown to you before you know enough to restart.

On the calendaring side, on a number of occasions the Palm sync got 
messed up and duplicated all of my calendar events. For a while, each 
time I sync'd it would double the duplicates, causing 1, then 2, then 4, 
then 8 copies of each event. That was a royal pain to undo.

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