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On 04/17/2010 02:23 PM, Sam Sharpe wrote:
> On 17 April 2010 21:36, Michael Miles<[email protected]>  wrote:
>> On 04/17/2010 01:22 PM, Sam Sharpe wrote:
>>> On 17 April 2010 20:09, Michael Miles<[email protected]>    wrote:
>>>> Had an interesting error pop up after I ran Avira on this computer
>>>> gvfs-metadata segment fault 11
>>>> I would assume it was Avira that produced this fault
>>>> I ran this command rm -rf ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata
>>>> I will test and see if it repaired it.
>>> Please get a blog. Your noise goes out to thousands of people and it
>>> really isn't as interesting as you seem to think.
>> You know, if have nothing nice to say then please don't say anything
>> I found your comment very rude sir
> That was deliberate. I find your mail etiquette very rude as well. The
> difference is that I was being rude to you personally to make my
> point. You are being rude to every subscriber to this list. I would
> suggest that as you seem to have very little sensible to say, that you
> follow your own advise Sir.
> You need to consider that this list is a broadcast medium. We have no
> choice about which posts make it to our mailboxes, everything you
> send, whether relevant or interesting makes it to all of our inboxes.
> It would be more efficient if you filtered yourself at source than we
> all independently filter you at the time of reception, but I'm quite
> willing to do the latter if you like - but then you won't get the
> benefit of my help, which you've found useful at least once.
> I reviewed your contribution to this list over the past four weeks
> which you have been posting and found lots of examples of bad
> behaviour. As an example, when in one post about what kind of GPU Gene
> should buy, Andrew Haley asked you why you felt you needed CUDA
> support, you couldn't answer. Then you came back later and started a
> new post (new thread) with the following:
> ===========
> I just googled cuda applications fedora 12 and it seems there
> applications sprouting up now.
> Another year and linux should catch up, I hope it is not that long
> It sure is one to follow as GPU computing is a cheap way to increase
> performance on your machines
> ===========
> The point being, if I or anyone else wanted to know this information
> or perhaps wanted to form an educated opinion, we are just as (if not
> more) capable of trawling search engines than you are. This apparently
> wasn't enough for you - you felt the need to inform us that ATI were
> also developing something like CUDA - again, you felt the need to
> broadcast this information using the following new post (I've
> reproduced it in it's entirety):
> ===========
> Ati has put out CAL which is Cuda for ATI machines.
> Same thing, more software needs support but will come to light.
> ===========
> In summary - your mailing list behaviour is rude and annoying. I'm
> glad I got your attention, so perhaps you can take this as a piece of
> advise:
> It's better to stay silent and look a fool, rather than post and
> remove all doubt.
> (to paraphrase Mark Twain)
> --
> Sam
I am glad you are keeping track

I do know that guide lines about behaviour are clearly outlined in the 
fedora mailing list guidelines

Be nice to people is one of them.

I do remember the question about cuda when I was asked why and I believe 
I answered that by discussing the GPU being used as a general OS 
processor other than just display.
Boinc and [email protected] project does just that
Soon to be used by video conversion utilities (I hope) in linux kind of 
like it is being used in the windows environment now

Sorry if I offended you with rant, but you know I have seen quite a bit 
of rant on this board

So maybe do like I do and when you see a email that does not appeal to 
you then just press delete

Have a great day


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