encfs unmounting with open fd

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I just started playing around with encfs and noticed
some behaviour that surprised me... not sure if
it's a bug or a bad design or if I have unreasonable
expectations.  But if I mount a directory like this:

encfs ~/.crypt ~/crypt

Then start editing a file in ~/crypt... eg:

emacs ~/crypt/foo &

Then if I try to unmount the crypt directory, I'd
expect it to complain that it can't unmount it
because it is busy.  But it happily lets me unmount
it.  If I continue editing the file and save it, it creates
a new file in the empty mount point directory.

Another thing I noticed is that the little desktop
icon that pops up when I mount the crypt directory
has a right click menu to unmount, but it gives
an error about it not being in fstab when I try
to unmount it that way.

Are either or both of these bugs?


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