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Lots of great stuff here

Thanks everyone.

Why use Windows when you can use Fedora

On 04/06/2010 09:18 AM, Bruno Wolff III wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 06, 2010 at 11:57:14 -0400,
>    Kwan Lowe<[email protected]>  wrote:
>> I'm putting together an Atom-based system for just this purpose. Power
>> consumption is not as low as a $50 router (and probably never could
>> be), but I'm adding three NICs (1 dual, 1 single port) so that I can
>> create a DMZ and LAN and a separate management port.  It should come
>> in at just under $250, which is quite a bit less than a dedicated
>> router/firewall with similar capability.
> Note that you can do this with the $50 routers as well. The hardware in
> those cheap boxes is pretty amazing. The two Buffalo routers I have
> (WHR G54S and WHR G125) have hardware switchs that do vlans. So with proper
> configuration you have vlans supported by hardware. (The default is for
> the 4 lan ports to be in the same vlan and to bridge that with the wireless
> port.)
> Your machine is probably better if you want to run services on the firewall
> (such as asterisk or a web server), but for just firewalling and traffic
> control, you probably could get by with a $50 router.

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