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On 03/30/2010 12:06 PM, Oliver Ruebenacker wrote:
>       Hello,
>    Since two or three days, my network connection seems to have become
> much slower. Loading websites with Firefox now takes a mutliple of the
> time, and I am having sporadic "no mirrors found" errors with yum. I
> am running F12 on a Dell Latitude D820 laptop, and I am connected by
> wire to a router. There has been no noticeable change on two Windows
> machines connected to the same router. All machines connect via DCHP.
>    What can I do to diagnose or fix the problem? Thanks!

First, "ifconfig -a" and look at the error counts for each interface.
If you see a lot, then you start looking at hardware (bad cables, dirty
or loose connectors, flakey NICs, etc.).

If the errors look OK, have a look at your (DSL|cable) modem's
statistics and see if there's something odd going on at the WAN side
of things.  If using cable modem or DSL, you may need to reboot your
router and/or modem.  I make a habit of doing that every six months
or so.

If you're running nscd, purge your nscd DNS cache ("nscd -i hosts").
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