Re: Fedora 12: issue running custom Env. Variable before KDE login

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> Steven P. Ulrick wrote:
> > Hello Rex,
> > Now "which k3b" returns the variable
> > "/usr/local/spu/spu-20100328/kde/bin/k3b"  This is EXACTLY what I 
> > to
> > see there...  The problem is that when I start that k3b, which is now 
> > my
> > PATH, the plugins are not detected.  Translation: I get an error window
> > about needing to convert my MP3's to WAV files before I can burn them 
> > an Audio CD.
> > 
> > I did put this in the "/home/steve/.kde/env/" file.  Is 
> > correct?  Here is the current contents of that file:
> > export KDEDIR=/usr
> > export KDEDIRS=/usr/local/spu/spu-20100328:$KDEDIR
> Try putting your custom item at the end of KDEDIRS (not the beginning) 
> see if that makes any difference.

Hello Rex
This is what looks like now:
export KDEDIR=/usr
export KDEDIRS=$KDEDIR:/usr/local/spu/spu-20100328/kde

The result is as follows:
"/usr/bin/which: no k3b in " with the rest of my path following ...  (I 
removed the KDE3 version of K3B from my machine, which is why the result 
wasn't "/usr/bin/k3b"

I will look at the link on your other email later (or tomorrow.)  What I 
don't understand is how this worked for about a week, and then it just 
SEEMED to stop.  (SEEMED meaning that I am fully open to the possibility 
that I did something to break it...):

Thank you again for continuing to help me,
Steven P. Ulrick
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