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On Mon, 22 Mar 2010 11:28:46 -0400, Gene wrote:

> >> So I booted normally to F10 & kernel 2.6.34-rc2, and I have now tried to
> >> add a chainloader stanza to my grub.conf here on /dev/sda1 that will
> >> cause it to reload grub from /dev/sdb1.
> >>
> >> Is anything missing?
> >
> >Two things. Confirmation that there really is a GRUB in /dev/sdb1's boot
> >sector and not in /dev/sdb's MBR. And you forgot to show what you added
> >to your F10's grub.conf.
> 1. I told it to put it in the MBR.

That would be /dev/sdb = (hd1) and not /dev/sdb1 = (hd1,0).

>  The string 'GRUB' exists in the MBR, but 
> there was a grub 2 install there prior from a mint8 install.
> 2.:
> #26
> title   Fedora 12 64 bit from sdb by chainloading
>         rootnoverify (hd1,0)
>         makeactive
>         chainloader +1

The comment is wrong. It tries to chainload /dev/sdb1 not the MBR.
The "makeactive" or "makeactive 1" typically is not necessary.

Do you see (hd1) in your F10's /boot/grub/
And what does /boot/grub/ on /dev/sdb1 contain?
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