Fedora12 keyboard choice setting is not respected.

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Living in Canada and working bilingually, my keyboard is Canada French ca(fr).  It is not USA.

I run Fedora12 in English, but the keyboard is the one I mentioned.  Here is the problem that recently started to occur.

When I chose my logon, Gnome shows USA as the keyboard.  If I do not change it, then the USA keyboard will take precedence over my logged in Gnome settings. Furthermore, if I go to System-->preferences-->keyboard, it shows Canada as default, and USA as behind it.  Even though I click on Canada, I cannot get rid of  the USA settings until I delete it.

If I log out and return, the problem returns.

What can I do to correct this aggravating annoyance?  My problem never occurred with earlier Fedora versions (example F4 to F12 pre-February)

Is the USA default forced because I chose English as my basic language.  It was no problem in the past, why is it one now?



Mr. Leslie Satenstein


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