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--- On Mon, 3/15/10, Bill Davidsen <[email protected]> wrote:

> > --- On Sat, 3/13/10, Bill Davidsen <[email protected]>
> wrote:

> > [snip]
> >> 3 - do it on another machine, too likely to hose
> the
> >> production stuff
> > 
> > If you just want to play with F13, this is the safest
> way or do it in a VM.
> > 
> Performance of x86_64 in emulation is leisurely to say the
> least, doing it in a 
> VM isn't practical. Reread the 32 and 64 bit parts above,
> the server is 32 bit 
> so I run the same software on all machines. I do want to
> play a bit with 64, the 
> last time I tried it I found no measurable benefit over
> PAE, I can live with a 
> 64GB memory limit. ;-)

I didn't mean to emulate F13 64-bit on the 32-bit server for Option 3.  I assumed, perhaps wrongly, that "another machine" was a 64-bit one that you were using for something else.

As far as the benefits of 64-bit:  For general, generic computer use, there really isn't one unless you have applications that need to access more than 3GB of contiguous RAM simultaneously like for major number crunching or 3D rendering or huge databases, etc.

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