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On Sun, Mar 14, 2010 at 10:37 PM, Roger <[email protected]> wrote:

> Fedora is experimental, live with it, like it, or not!

All others, join Ubuntu! You think it's doing better while White keeps
on repeating that it's the same software all over the place? You think
that clipboards and file managers work better in Ubuntu? You think it
resists better to Flash hacks?

You do? Ok. Let's say, even though it boots my computer to a black screen.

Shuttleworth has sworn he'll never ask a cent from desktop users. He's
after the server market, just as Red Hat. Ubuntu is very far behind,
of course, but they did get the contract for La Gendramerie française
whereas Mandriva would have been a more likely candidate.  It
certainly is a nice practice for security.

You go at and it's cloud, cloud, cloud, all over the place.
Red Hat is in... virtualization.

Distrowatch says that Red Hat 6 will be about 2 years late because
Fedora is too goddamned buggy. In which way will Fedora's bugs help
Red Hat succeed better than Canonical or Novell?

Listen, you might answer if you feel like, but I might not reply. It
seems that there are two groups here. Some people agree with me. They
post a message or two and they vanish. Not much else to say when the
thread is turned into a brawl by certain people. Some people might
also agree but are not interested to get involved in said brawl in the
first place. It's very efficient opinion control.

Other people disagree... but they address no issue. I asked if
Distrowatch's claims were right. I didn't receive a single answer!
They keep on repeating that everybody should fill reports on bugs that
are years old on essential software and that developers can't have
possibly missed.

Then, it's ad hominem attacks: I'm a Microsoft troll. The opposite
camp are just freeloaders benefiting from good developers' work and
complaining all the time.  And so one, you know, like digressions on
car differentials, that last forever.

So, it's certainly no use to try having discussions on the development
model here. I suppose the way the group is now satisfies Red Hat (they
have a fair number, if not a majority of their people on the Fedora

So, I won't insist. We'll see what happens in 5 years from now. Let's
be "satisfied" and watch the train go by.
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