Re: Deafening silence

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On Sunday 14 March 2010 09:19:34 am Ed Greshko wrote:
> For my part, the OP may end up in the same file as Karl did.  But I'm of
> 2 minds.  I really don't read any of his rants...I gloss over any actual
> requests for help (see above) yet it is kind of like watching NASCAR.
> Sure the race in interesting...but don't we all secretly watch it for
> the wrecks.  :-)

My attention got picked up by this thread because of the creative title --- I 
thought that the OP had a problem with audio settings, so I decided to take a 
look and try to help. But it seems one never can tell these days... :-)

As for NASCAR, my thoughts are exactly the same. And the very first F1 race for 
the 2010 season is on right now! ;-)

Best, :-)

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